Our Neighborhood Vote Project needs you!

Can you join us?

We are mobilizing 60,000 people who don’t always vote, letting each of them know that we need them to cast their ballots in the 2020 election. We are focused on some of the closest races in the state, where the outcome will make a difference in how Colorado and our country tackle issues like COVID and our economy. The margins of victory in these races are expected to be small, so neighbors turning out neighbors who might not otherwise vote could be a key part of the final outcome.

In addition to supporting Joe Biden for President and John Hickenlooper for Senate, we are mobilizing voters in key races. For example:

  • Congressional District 3, where Diane Mitsch Bush is virtually tied with her Republican opponent. Political watchers like 538 and Cook Political Report are calling it a toss up. It could go either way.
  • In 2018, State Rep. Brianna Titone won after her race nearly went into a recount. She claimed victory by a mere 439 votes.
  • In State House District 38, Republican Susan Beckman held on to her seat in 2018 by fewer than 400 votes. Now we are working to turnout voters in favor of Army veteran David Ortiz who, with your help, has a real shot at winning.

And those are only a few examples. Turning out voters in these closely contested regions of Colorado will help make sure Colorado says no to four more years of Donald Trump, and will also make sure we are able to win local races that will shape Colorado’s policies going forwards.

Candidates we will be speaking to voters about:

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris for President & Vice President -- John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate -- Rep. Jason Crow for Congressional District 6 -- Diane Mitsch Bush for Congressional District 3 -- Tony Exum (HD17) -- Mary Parker (HD22) -- Lisa Cutter (HD25) -- Brianna Titone (HD27) -- Lindsey Daugherty (HD29) -- Dafna Michaelson Jenet (HD30) -- Tom Sullivan (HD37) -- David Ortiz (HD38) -- Jennifer Mitkowski (HD43) -- Daneya Esgar (HD46) -- Bri Buentello (HD47) -- Barbara McLachlan (HD59) -- Karl Hanlon (SD08) -- Rachel Zenzinger (SD19) -- Paula Dickerson (SD25) -- Jeff Bridges (SD26) -- Chris Kolker (SD27)

We can't do it alone, so we're asking everyone to join our Neighborhood Vote Project with online events, phone banks, and more.