Current Actions

  • Tax breaks for hiding money in the Cayman Islands?

    The Trump Administration and Congressional Leaders’ plans for reworking taxes make the current loophole-ridden tax code worse. It would allow multinational corporations to avoid taxes because they exist outside of the U.S. on paper.

    This means that businesses on Main Street will pay higher tax rates than large corporations, making offshore tax dodgers the biggest winners with this new proposal.

    We need to stop this tax proposal in its tracks. Help us by taking action today.

  • We need the facts about health care reform

    Our health is important, and important decisions should be made carefully.

    Which is why we're working in a bipartisan effort to delay a vote on Speaker Paul Ryan's American Health Care Act until we get the facts about what it will mean for Americans and resolve pressing issues.

    Sign our petition to Speaker Paul Ryan and your representative.

  • Defend Our Consumer Protections
  • Help us tell the new Congress to put a stop to corporate tax loopholes

    Multinational corporations are avoiding taxes by sheltering trillions of dollars overseas. But if corporate lobbyists get their way, unfair tax schemes like these are here to stay. Help us tell the new Congress to support comprehensive reform and close loopholes for good.

  • Help us tell the new Congress to put a stop to corporate tax loopholes

    Multinational Corporation are avoiding taxes by sheltering trillions of dollars overseas. But if corporate lobbyists get their way, unfair tax schemes like these are here to stay. Help us tell the new Congress to support comprehensive reform and close loopholes for good.

  • Congress: Pass the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act

    Multinational Corporation are avoiding taxes by sheltering trillions of dollars overseas. When powerful companies skip out on their taxes, the rest of us have to pick up the tab.

    Tell congress to fix our broken system and force big corporations to play by the same rules as the rest of us.

  • Add your name: Tell the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Mylan

    Families rely on the EpiPen to protect their children from life-threatening allergic reactions.

    Join our call to the FTC to hold Mylan accountable and investigate their business for price-gouging and anti-competitive behavior.

  • Call on your legislator to support the bill that would end anonymous shell companies

    There are many reasons why we should ban the practice of anonymous shell companies -- companies formed with no way of knowing who is in charge.

    But here’s one of the most compelling: They’re being used to shield illegal opioid dealers.

    Anonymous shell companies help drug cartels and opioid trafficking. Help put a stop to this dangerous practice.

  • "Don't cut school lunch programs"

    There are already enough bullies in the lunchroom.

    But now some members of the U.S. House want to gut school lunch programs.

    Join us in calling on Rep. John Kline, the chair of the Education and Workforce Committee, to clean up this bill and protect our kids before it hits the House floor for a vote.

  • Stop Pfizer's Tax Dodge

    Pfizer, the giant drug company, is on the verge of finishing a move that would allow it to dodge some $35 billion in taxes, known as an "inversion."

    While Congress has been unwilling to stop the wave of inversions, President Obama could tell the Treasury Department to change the rules to prevent this kind of corporate tax dodging.

    Please sign our petition to the president.

  • Let's End Expensive, Dangerous Shell Companies

    After 60 Minutes broadcast shocking undercover footage showing how easy it is to use anonymous shell companies to hide shady deals Congress responded, introducing a bill that would end expensive, dangerous shell companies.

    We're working with a coalition of groups to call for action. If enough of us speak out, we can make sure everyone pays their fair share and plays by the same rules.

    The House of Representatives just passed a bill that could let Volkswagen off the hook for millions — even billions — of dollars in lawsuits from regular Americans who were deceived into buying their "clean diesel" cars that were actually designed to cheat emissions tests. The bill would also have a devastating effect on class action lawsuits, making it much harder for consumers to hold corporations accountable when they do us harm.

    Tell your senator to make sure Volkswagen is playing by the same rules as the rest of us and stop the VW bailout.
  • Congress: Let these offshore loopholes expire

    Loopholes that let corporations hide money in offshore tax havens are set to expire. Some lawmakers want to keep the loopholes open – and keep them open permanently.

    Tax loopholes allow corporations to dodge taxes by hiding profits overseas in places like the Cayman Islands – some very profitable companies pay $0 in taxes. As these loopholes come up for consideration, Congress is faced with a $10 billion choice: Let the corporate tax loopholes expire so multinationals will pay their fair share, or keep them open for multinationals to exploit year after year.

  • $400 billion lost to corporate tax loopholes … forever??

    Not if we can help it.

    Some in Congress want to let these corporate tax dodgers off the hook — permanently — for $400 billion and make it easier for them to avoid paying what they should moving forward. That’s not fair to you, me or other businesses.

    Help us stop it. Take action.

  • Call on Congress: Protect hunger assistance programs

    America is the wealthiest and most powerful nation on Earth. Yet, over 15.8 million children are at risk for hunger in the United States every day.

    These children rely on crucial programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as the food stamp program, to get the food they need.

    But just last year this and other hunger assistance programs were cut, and some in Congress are pushing to slash them even further.

    Tell your member of Congress to restore funding to these crucial programs and protect them from further cuts.

  • Help give every kid a strong start.

    We believe every child deserves a fair chance in life, and this begins with quality, early education.

    That's why we are pushing for legislation that would give every 4-year-old in America the opportunity to attend preschool.

    Stand with us: Sign the petition to your legislators.

  • Get big money out of politics

    We the people

    Our democracy should give each of us a voice — and government should look out for us, not just for the privileged and powerful. But it doesn't work that way. Instead, unlimited campaign spending from corporations and the richest Americans rig the system against the average voter.
    Things are getting worse because the Supreme Court has decided that corporations are people, and that they and the wealthy can spend as much as they want on elections.
    Now big corporations and wealthy interests are flooding the airwaves, spending millions of dollars to elect candidates who will look out for their interests, not ours. They can spend unlimited amounts of money, without even disclosing who they are.
    That's just wrong. Corporations are not people, and the richest players shouldn't get to buy our democracy.

    Sign our petition to support a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics.

  • The Middle Class: Congress' Unfinished Business


    The Middle Class: Congress' Unfinished Business

    We'll be hearing a lot from politicians about how they fight for the middle class and stand up to special interests. But words are one thing, and actions are another. It's time for them to show us they are serious about creating jobs and closing tax loopholes.

    Time for them to stop protecting companies like Burger King who flee the U.S. to dodge taxes, and instead stand up for the millions of Americans who just want a decent shot at a good job and a high-quality education.